Friday, December 30, 2011

Facebook: bearer of bad news

Anuj Bidve, 23, was approached by a stranger and shot in the head at close range as he walked with friends near their hotel in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Yesterday police said they were treating the shooting as a hate crime.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5Live this morning, the student's father Subhash Bidve accused British authorities of failing to contact him in India to break the news of the death.

"Nobody official from the UK Government or consulate or the Indian Government called us and told us about this," he said.

"I am really surprised because they confiscated his phone and must have know his father's or mother's number. They could have called us and told us what had happened to him."

(pic: A vietcong shot in the head by the then South Vietnam police chief)


There are just too many dumb criminals on Facebook

Police in Burlington, Vt., arrested Ryan Jarvis, 25, on a charge of retail theft. And the only evidence they really had was that Jarvis' fiancee was showing off a $3,199 engagement ring in her Facebook photos.

Several of Amber Lafountain's friends — well, three, but it's Vermont — recognized it as the ring that had been stolen from the local Zales, reports the Burlington Free Press.

Police say Jarvis saw the ring while shopping, considered financing options . . . then just ran out of the store with it. "He advised he knew it was a stupid thing to do," Officer Jesse Stewart said. Almost as stupid as posting photos of stolen merchandise on Facebook.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12,000,000 Malaysians on Facebook

According to, now there are 12,060,340 Malaysians Facebook users. That's 46% of the country's population. No wonder, even mamak roti canai has a Facebook account.

What they have failed to report there are 1,234,876 Malaysians who use Facebook while having sex, another 3,456,789 who use it while doing the poop-poop business and almost 11,987,654 who update their Facebook while driving. No wonder Malaysia has one of the highest accident rate in the world.

If you want to rob a woman, make sure she doesn't have a Facebook account

People often use Facebook statuses to share exciting news about their lives. But a dire Facebook post last weekend saved the lives of a Utah woman and her 17-month-old-son after they were held hostage in their own home for five days.

Salt Lake City Police Sgt. Jon Arnold told the Associated Press that the woman hid in a closet with a laptop from which she posted a cry for help, saying she and her child would be "dead by morning" if someone didn't intervene.

The post prompted a friend to call police, who were dispatched to the woman's home to check in on her.

"Facebook was her only outlet that she had at the home," Arnold said. "It just happened that she was able to use it."

Police on Saturday arrested and detained 33-year-old Troy Reed Critchfield while they investigated charges of aggravated kidnapping, forcible sodomy, aggravated assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and animal cruelty, among other things, the AP said.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When on Facebook don't ever call Obama "a monkey"

The Secret Service is investigating threats made against President Obama on Facebook by a former libertarian city council candidate in Carson.

"We are aware of the incident and are going to conduct appropriate followup," said Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie.

In his post, Jules Manson calls Obama a a racial epithet and suggests he should be assassinated.

Manson, who ran for office on a Libertarian platform in the Carson race in March, called Obama a "monkey" in an online screed on the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act. The act has raised the ire of activists because it permits indefinite detention without trial for some terrorism suspects.

In a comment on the Facebook post, Manson added: "Assassinate the [president] and his monkey children." He used an obscenity followed by a racial epithet to describe the president. The post had been removed from Manson's Facebook page Tuesday, but the blog Your Black Politics captured and posted a screenshot of it, including the coarse language.


Crazy man posted pic of bound daughter on Facebook

A 21-year-old Chicago man was charged Tuesday with aggravated domestic battery after he posted a photo of his 1-year-old daughter bound in duct tape on Facebook.

Andre Curry, 21, of the 6100 block of South Racine Avenue, was charged with aggravated domestic battery, officials said.
The photo Curry allegedly posted to his profile showed little girl with her hands bound by blue tape. Another strip of tape covered her mouth.

A caption with the photo read, "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back."

If you murdered somebody, don't post it on Facebook

A San Bernardino County man accused in the beating death of his pregnant girlfriend was arrested after a post appeared on his Facebook page implying that her death was an accident.

Willie Davis Hines Jr., 23, was booked into the San Bernardino Central Detention Center on two counts of murder in connection with the death of Tatjana Cruz, 24, and her unborn child, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said Tuesday.

Hines was arrested after he flagged down a security guard at a mall in San Diego late Monday and told him he was wanted for questioning in a murder, the department said in a statement.

He was being held Tuesday without bail.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Obama bans daughters from Facebook

He relied heavily on social media to get him elected in 2008.

But Barack Obama has admitted he has banned his daughters from using Facebook – because he doesn’t want ‘strangers knowing our business’.

The U.S. President said it ‘does not make much sense’ to put the most private details of his family life on public view.

His elder daughter, Malia, is 13, and just old enough to use Facebook. Her younger sister Sasha is ten.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

He used Facebook before but soon he would be using prison toilet

ONE of Australia's worst cyber criminals will be sentenced tomorrow for raping, stalking and grooming vulnerable underage girls.

John Zimmerman, who used MySpace and Facebook to contact more than a thousand teens, has pleaded to three charges of rape, 23 charges of sexual penetration and five charges of an indecent act with a child under 16, involving girls aged between 12 and 17.

Zimmerman is expected to be sentenced to between 12 and 20 years in prison, which also include offences of making child pornography, stalking, procuring and grooming teenage girls via social media. He contacted them by "random" adding them to his Facebook and MySpace pages.

In all, Zimmerman has pleaded guilty to 87 charges involving crimes against 55 underage girls, accepting a plea deal which had the federal and state charges cut from in excess of 200.

Zimmerman is now regarded as a landmark case in predatory cyber crimes.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Facebook now can track murders that happen thousands of miles away

Police are investigating whether a breakup prompted a Fort Wayne man to shoot and kill his ex-girlfriend and a friend of hers before killing himself — a scene authorities say they were alerted to when a woman thousands of miles away called police after seeing a chilling Facebook posting.

Authorities suspect the ex-boyfriend shot and killed 19-year-old Erin Jehl and 19-year-old Ryann Tipton, whom Jehl had brought with her when she went to her ex-boyfriend’s house in Fort Wayne on Saturday afternoon to retrieve some belongings.


Monday, December 12, 2011

You poke me on Facebook, I will send you to jail

Well if you haven’t heard already a woman may be going to jail for poking someone on Facebook the popular social networking site. I mean come on! Yes the woman, Shannon D. Jackson who had a restraining order against her should not have done it but to give her a year in jail for a poke on Facebook??? This is really ridiculous but Facebook is loving it, free publicity.

The court order against the woman stated that she was not allowed to do the following: no telephoning, contacting or otherwise communicating with the petitioner. Apparently this is a violation of the order and it could land her 11 months and 29 days in jail and possibly a fine of up to $2500. She was arrested and her bond was set at $1500.


They used Facebook to start a riot, now they use Facebook to keep boredom while in jail

Two teenagers have been jailed for three years for trying to organise a riot in Dundee using Facebook, at the height of the summer disturbances in England.

Jordan McGinley, 18, and Shawn Divin, 16, claimed they had set up the page named "riot in the toon" as a joke, while urging Facebook users to "kill some fucking daftys", loot shops and attack the police on 17 August.

Their page was viewed by more than 2,000 people after it was posted, with 221 saying they would attend and 68 others claiming they might attend.

McGinley and Divin, who were arrested on 11 August on suspicion of incitement to mob and riot, had already pleaded guilty to a breach of the peace and tried to play down their intentions. They insisted that the page was not a deliberate attempt to incite violence or a riot, but was a "joke that got a bit serious".


Sunday, December 11, 2011

After playing game on Facebook, father killed his two children

ANGRY father Jane Say pleaded guilty at the old Bailey on 8th December, 2011 to murdering daughter Regina eight, and son Rolls, 10. The retired concierge and part-time football steward originally from Ivory Coast West Africa, spoke only to enter a formal guilty plea.

Say slit his children’s throats while they slept and then rang his ex-wife saying “I’ve killed your children” she dialled 999 sending police and paramedics racing to the property. He then called her again saying “come and get their bodies” in broken English.  

He accused her of calling him a "raper" and reporting "anything bad about my life." Both children had defensive wounds on their bodies indicating, they tried fighting off their father. Rolls also had ghastly antemortem injuries to his head, indicating they were inflicted while he was still alive. On getting to the scene, Detectives found Say sitting calmly beside the bodies of his children, who had been dead for several hours. Before the killings, those who saw Say described him as courteous and well-dressed, a loner, not very sociable and very secretive about his children but did not appear homicidal or depressed. 

A day before killing Regina and Rolls who were on one of their normal visits, Say had received an eviction notice  from his solicitors stating that as he was not living with his wife and children, he was no longer entitled to a three-bedroom  property. Hours before the tragedy, both Say and his estranged wife were on Facebook playing games.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

More than 1,000 employees of Facebook will become millionaires soon. But you, Facebook fanatic, will remain hungry and poor

Traveling to space or embarking on an expedition to excavate lost Mayan ruins are normally the stuff of adventure novels.

But for employees of Facebook, these and other lavish dreams are moving closer to reality as the world's No. 1 online social network prepares for a blockbuster initial public offering that could create at least a thousand millionaires.

The most anticipated stock market debut of 2012 is expected to value Facebook at as much as $100 billion, which would top just about any of Silicon Valley's most celebrated coming-out parties, from Netscape to Google Inc.

Facebook's headcount has swelled from 700 employees in late 2008 to more than 3,000 today. Given its generous use of equity-based compensation in past years, people familiar with Facebook say that even by conservative estimates there are likely to be well over a thousand people looking at million-dollar-plus paydays after the company goes public.

Friday, December 9, 2011

If you stole a car, do not post its picture on Facebook

A man has been jailed after he posed for a Facebook snap in a stolen car.

Dean Fallows’ bid to show off to friends online linked him to a ring of car thieves who stole high-powered motors in burglaries around south Manchester and Tameside.

Fallows, 20, claimed to have spent only seconds behind the wheel of the Audi A3, but it was enough to make him guilty of handing stolen goods.

He was jailed for 15 months after admitting the charge at Manchester Crown Court.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Man lost but then found by Facebook

A mentally unsound man has been found, thanks to Facebook thus putting an end to his family’s anxieties.

Reported missing on Friday from Tabuan Laru, he was discovered walking along Jalan Kuching-Serian at KM30 here yesterday, some 27km away.

Lau Lik Huat, 40, only had his pants on when found, and a nearby resident was the first to spot him and contact his family.

A police report was lodged at around 8am on the day, and security personnel at a private hospital in Stutong did see a man loitering around the area but thought nothing of it.

Lau’s family posted his photo on social networking site Facebook, appealing for help which proved to be a stroke of genius when they received a call from the eagle-eyed resident.

According to brother Lik Ching, 27, this was the fourth time that Lau had ventured away from home.

“My brother has a problem with his right eye. He did not put on any clothes when he went out (at around 5am) and we were so worried.”

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Facebook privacy .... now even Facebook boss is subject to Facebook stupidity

A series of photos from Mark Zuckerberg’s private Facebook page were made public today after a web expert managed to gain access thanks to a glitch in the social networking site.

The bug in the website’s photo reporting tool - which Facebook says was only temporary and has now been fixed - meant that users could access others’ pictures even if they were private.

Users were able to look at the private photos by ‘reporting’ a profile picture as ‘inappropriate’, which then saw other photos displayed, such as those of Facebook CEO Mr Zuckerberg.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Facebook comment can get you fired. If you don't believe me ask Apple

Apple can legally fire an employee who ranted about his job on Facebook, a U.K. tribunal ruled, the latest in a growing number of worker terminations prompted by social network postings.

Employee Samuel Crisp, a “Genius” at the Norwich Apple Store, posted various angry updates about his iPhone, apps and other aspects of Apple, expressing his displeasure on the social network.

Crisp’s profile was set to private, but the comments reached Apple management from a friend who passed them on. Apple terminated Crisp, saying his remarks breached the company’s social media policy against negative comments, and the tribunal upheld the company’s decision.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanks to Facebook, two sisters separated for 60 years to see each other again

Two sisters from Kent who were separated as children are to meet after finding each other on Facebook.

When their parents split up, Jan Stevens and her brother were placed in care but Evelyn Plumridge, who was the youngest, stayed with their mother.

Ms Stevens now lives in Canada and Ms Plumridge is in Gravesend. The sisters have been trying to trace each other for more than 40 years.

They are due to finally meet just in time for Christmas.

The sisters were very young when they were separated. Ms Stevens was about 18 months old and Ms Plumridge a baby aged about six months.

Oh my God! Facebook to introduce online casino soon

Facebook is being accused of luring children into gambling through plans to introduce real cash games.

The world’s biggest social network site wants to use Britain as a testing ground for games that would let users gamble on virtual fruit machines, bingo, poker and roulette.

It already allows members to play slot machine games and bingo using ‘virtual credits’ instead of real money.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Facebook bans village name

Facebook has blacklisted the parish of Effin – for having an offensive name.

The social networking site would not let Ann Marie Kennedy list Effin in Ireland’s County Limerick as her ‘hometown’ on her profile page as it was deemed obscene.

Ms Kennedy contacted Facebook but received no reply, so tried to set up a group called ‘Please get my hometown Effin recognised’.

That was also rejected. 

‘It came back with an error message saying 'offensive,’ she said.


Bad, bad Facebook

Government regulators are sharing some alarming information about Facebook: They believe the online social network has often misled its more than 800 million users about the sanctity of their personal information.

The unflattering portrait of Facebook's privacy practices emerged Tuesday in a Federal Trade Commission complaint alleging that Facebook exposed details about users' lives without getting legally required consent. In some cases, the FTC charged, Facebook allowed potentially sensitive details to be passed along to advertisers and software developers prowling for customers.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Your new employer will not only ask for your qualifications, they want your Facebook account and password as well

Could employers demand your Facebook password as part of a job application?

One American was shocked to find a section in an application form that demanded not only his user names - but also passwords that would give his employers full access to his account, including private messages to other people.

Employers using Google - or 'people search' engines such as 123People - has become a standard part of job applications, and employers also check Facebook.

But asking for passwords that allow access to private communications is a worrying new precedent.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Now you can drink your Facebook

Tired of staring at Facebook on your computer?

Why not try drinking it instead?

A beverage called ‘Facedrink’ has been launched with the promise to give you a ‘taste of friendship’ and a shot of ‘social energy’.

The 75ml can appears designed to wind up the social networking website as much as possible and even has a sign on the side which reads: ‘Add as friend’ 

It is in the same colours as Facebook and bills itself as a ‘Tropical fruit flavoured energy shot’ which improves mental focus.

According to the website for California-based Facedrink LLC, which makes it, the beverage only had three calories and has no sugar, although it does contain taurine, which also in Red Bull.

Facebook is dangerous if you are a serial womanizer

Four women allegedly cheated on by the same man simultaneously set up a Facebook page to shame him.

The mock profile of Shaun Richings was set up by his former lovers Hazel Wickings, 58, Tina Balne, 45, Tracie Clarke, 42, and Denise Draper, 38, who all claim the 45-year-old cheated on them at the same time. 

The women, who all live near each other in north Devon, grew suspicious when he would only visit them for a couple of days at a time.

They said he often blamed work emergencies and relatives being ill for his fleeting visits.


Monday, November 28, 2011

We need your Facebook passwords and if you don't give them we will delete your accounts

A FACEBOOK scam, dubbed the cleverest yet, gets users to provide their passwords and financial details by accusing them of violating the site's policy and threatens to delete their account.

Experts said the recent assault designed to steal users' Facebook details is among the most sophisticated yet because it mimics the security procedures that sites use to defend against internet trolls and other bad behaviour online.

The scam comes in an email accusing the user of insulting or annoying another Facebook user and saying their account will be deleted in 24 hours.

Watch out! A thief may be tracking you on Facebook

Next time you make friends with anyone you don’t know too well, or/and you update your online profile, beware! You might just be inviting thieves to your house. Yes, burglars are now using social networking sites to find out whether the target is at home or way, suggested a recent study.

For most of us social networking platforms are nothing less than avatars of our personality and we love to announce to the world— by tweeting constantly or posting pictures of the places we are going to. But thisapparently gives robbers an easy chance to plan thefts. And not only do they benefit from updated whereabouts, they are also being updated on current acquisitions. As celebrity lawyer Vibhav Mittal rightly points out, “You cannot be blaming the networking sites here. If you expose yourself too much, there is always the risk involved.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

10,000 Facebook pages insult Thai monarchy

THAILAND has asked Facebook to delete more than 10,000 pages which it that are "offensive" to its monarchy.

The news came a day after a Thai court jailed a man for 20 years for sending four text messages deemed insulting to the monarchy, alarming critics who say the kingdom's strict lese-majeste laws hamper free speech.

"We have informed Facebook and sought their assistance in deleting content which is offensive to our monarchy," the country's information minister Anudith Nakornthap said.

"There are more than 10,000 URLs which seem to insult the monarchy," he said, adding that people should not click "Like" or comment on "offensive" posts as this would be considered indirect dissemination of the material.

Under Thai law, anyone convicted of insulting the king, queen, heir or regent can face a prison sentence of up to 15 years for each offence. Even repeating details of an alleged offence is illegal.


And now police say Facebook reduced crime

Selangor police has Facebook to thank for the reduction of crime in the state, says Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar.

Ismail said there were more than 2,000 online users who have used Facebook as a platform to interact with the authorities since Selangor police started their Facebook account in May this year.

"From our observation, we have seen the public using the Facebook page to tip off the police. Some also provide valuable information to facilitate police investigations. The police use the page to disseminate information to the public, especially on matters concerning their safety," he said at the Selangor police contingent headquarters yesterday - Malay Mail

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Merck accuses Merck of hijacking Facebook

German drugmaker Merck KGaA accused U.S. rival Merck & Co of hijacking its Facebook page and said it plans to sue to get it back.

Merck KGaA asked a New York judge to force Facebook Inc to turn over information to help determine how the German company lost the page,, and the ability to administer it.

According to a Monday filing with a New York state court in Manhattan, Merck KGaA contracted with Facebook in March 2010 for exclusive use of the page but discovered last month that the unrelated Merck & Co was using it.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Even prisoners are using Facebook .... but they use it to harass their victims

Lisa Gesik hesitates to log into her Facebook account nowadays because of unwanted "friend" requests, not from long-ago classmates but from the ex-husband now in prison for kidnapping her and her daughter.

Neither Gesik nor prison officials can prove her ex-husband is sending her the messages, which feature photos of him wearing his prison blues and dark sunglasses, arms crossed as he poses in front of a prison gate. It doesn't matter if he's sending them or someone else is _ the Newport, Ore., woman is afraid and, as the days tick down to his January release, is considering going into hiding with her 12-year-old daughter.

"It's just being victimized all over again," she said.

Across the U.S. and beyond, inmates are using social networks and the growing numbers of smartphones smuggled into prisons and jails to harass their victims or accusers and intimidate witnesses. California corrections officials who monitor social networking sites said they have found many instances in which inmates taunted victims or made unwanted sexual advances.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

If you are in Singapore, don't upload any image to your Facebook, Part 2

Police are investigating a Facebook post by a full-time national serviceman (NSF) that criticises Islam.

This is the second such incident this week after an ex-Young PAP (YP) member was discovered to have posted an offensive photo on the same social networking site against Islam.

A police spokesperson confirmed that investigations into the matter are going on after a letter of complaint was sent to The Straits Times Forum Page, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Mohamad Maliki Osman, former PAP MP Maidin Packer and sociopolitical blog The Online Citizen (TOC), reported The Sunday Times (ST).

If you are in Singapore, don't simply upload pic to the Facebook

A member of Singapore's ruling party has been forced to quit and is under police investigation after using a Facebook post to describe Muslim children in a school bus as terrorists in training.

A police spokesman told AFP Friday that they were investigating Jason Neo, 30, after members of the public lodged complaints over the posting he made on the social networking site in February.

Local media reported Friday that Neo was forced to quit the youth wing of the People's Action Party (PAP) after fellow members disowned his remarks.

The PAP has ruled Singapore since 1959 and its youth wing is open to members up to the age of 40.

The Straits Times newspaper on Friday published a photo of the controversial Facebook posting made by Neo.

Under a picture of a green, white and yellow school bus ferrying what appeared to be Muslim children, some of them wearing skull caps, he wrote a caption that said: "Bus filled with young terrorist trainees?"

If you want to marry me, send me RM90,000

African scammers are believed to be posing as beautiful Malaysian girls not only to cheat Malaysians but foreigners as well.

The fake Malaysian girl would promise undying love to unsuspected Facebook users including marriage offer but with a catch - money and a flight ticket.

In the latest incident,, a Canadian news website was quoted as saying a canadian man was cheated of Canadian $30,000 (about RM90,000) by a woman who claimed to be a Malaysian. She fabricated stories about her financial problems resulting in the man sending her C$30,000. 

She had promised to buy a flight ticket to Canada with part of the money. And, she promised to marry him too.

However, after 3 months of waiting the man realized she was deceived after her Facebook mysteriously disappeared.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

First he molested her then he sent her a Facebook friend request

A convicted North Carolina sex offender is going back to jail after deputies say he sent a Facebook friend request to one of his victims.

Investigators say 36-year-old Victor Gaston of Reidsville was sentenced to at least five and a half years in prison Thursday after pleading guilty to one count of using social media as a sex offender.

Burglar Logs Into Facebook While Breaking Into A House

Police say a burglar signed into Facebook from a computer inside a home he broke into before sprinting from the scene.

Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith told CBS Atlanta it wasn’t hard to ID the burglar as Trevor Jones, 34, of Cobb County. The harder part is finding him as warrants were issued for his arrest.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

UNTHINK, the anti-Facebook site

Unthink has four words for Facebook: "The jig is up."

The new social networking site seeks to unseat the likes of Twitter, Google+ and Facebook with a premise that bucks convention in the web world: giving users complete control over their information and not letting advertisers get at it.

The site, branded as the "anti-Facebook," bills itself as an "emancipation platform" for people who want to be social online, but are frustrated by unfavorable privacy policies, in-your-face advertising and unexpected updates that keep them scrambling to protect their information. Since launching in beta on Oct. 25, Unthink has registered over 100,000 new members.


Facebook can save you from fire

HUNTER Matthews is lucky to be alive and can safely say that social media platform Facebook saved her life.

The 17-year-old student was home alone and asleep at her 65-year-old grandmother's Charnley St unit in Kearneys Spring on Monday night when a heater ignited clothing and the mattress she was asleep on.

Unaware of the fire and the thick black smoke filling her bedroom, Miss Matthews awoke when a Facebook alert was sent to her iPhone at 1.34am.

“It was only by chance that a friend commented on my status and Facebook sent an alert through to my phone, which woke me up,” Miss Matthews said.

“I am so lucky that I got that message, otherwise I would have been killed,” she said.


Same name, same Facebook

An engaged couple in Coral Springs have more in common than their love for each other. They also share the same first and last name.

It began on April of 2008 when a curious girl went typed her name on the popular social networking site Facebook.
20-year-old Kelly Hildebrandt or "Baby Doll" as her fiancée now affectionately calls her went on the site and discovered a "pleasant" looking guy who shares her name. She decided it would be fun to reach out and say hello and see if they were related.

"I just searched my name to see what else was out there. I was just curious," said Kelly "Baby Doll" Hildebrandt. "I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the search list. I just sent him a message."

They were grateful when they found out they weren't related.

"I thought she was pretty cute and we got to talking and I was thinking I had family in Florida and we found out there's no relation," the man, Kelly Hildebrandt, 24, told CBS4. "But through it all we built a friendship."

For the next three months, the couple exchanged emails and that eventually led to long phone conversations. There was some flirtation, the male Kelly Hildebrandt admits, but he was too shy to come right out and say he wanted take a flight from Lubbock, Tex., where he lived to visit her at her Coral Springs home with the intention of dating.

"I guess I just finally told her, 'If you get your scuba certification, then I'll come down there and dive with you,'" he said.

And she did. They were immediately smitten with each other.


Four years jail for Facebook rioter

A man has been jailed for four years for setting up a Facebook event inciting violent disorder during Britain's riots.

Jamie Counsel created a page on the social networking site on August 9 called Bring the Riots to Cardiff, which was later changed to Bring the Riots to Swansea.

He pleaded guilty in September to what prosecutors said was an act that could have encouraged disorder - although in fact no disorder ensued.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Judge Orders Divorced Couple to Swap Facebook Passwords

A judge in Connecticut has ordered a divorcing couple to swap Facebook passwords, along with their logins to online dating sites. Oh, these modern times.

When couples divorce, they usually have to divide up homes, cars, kids and record collections, but now some courts are requiring that they have to swap social media passwords. Forbes reports that Connecticut Judge Kenneth Shluger ordered that the attorneys for soon-to-split couple Stephen and Courtney Gallion exchange “their client’s Facebook and dating website passwords.” The request was apparently made when one spouse made statements on Facebook that the other spouse wanted to use to bolster their case for full custody of the couple’s children. So be wary next time you log on to jokingly threaten to FedEx your kid to their grandparents for drawing on the walls in permanent marker. (Not that NewsFeed has done that, of course.)

"Discovered a new porn site, it's called Facebook"

Some Facebook users said they deactivated their accounts after seeing horrific images on the site

The pictures are reported to have shown up in users' newsfeeds.

According to the technology site, ZDnet, the material is being spread via a "linkspam virus" which tempts members to click on a seemingly innocuous story link.

A spokeswoman for Facebook said: "[We are] aware of these reports and we are investigating the issue".

Thousands of the site's members have posted comments about the breach on Twitter.

"Discovered a new porn site, it's called Facebook," wrote one user.

"Facebook should do something about the photoshopped porn images, it's offensive," wrote another.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't request Facebook for your personal data, they will send you a truckload of it

Austrian law student Max Schrems may be just one of about 800 million Facebook users, but that hasn't stopped him tackling the United States giant behind the social networking website over its privacy policy.

The 24-year-old wasn't sure what to expect when he requested Facebook provide him with a record of the personal data it holds on him, but he certainly wasn't ready for the 1,222 pages of information he received.

This included photos, messages and postings on his Facebook page dating back years, some of which he thought he had deleted, the times he had clicked 'like' on an item, 'pokes' of fellow users, and reams of other information.

'When you delete something from Facebook, all you are doing is hiding it from yourself,' Mr Schrems told AFP in his home city of Vienna. Shocked, Mr Schrems decided to act. Hitting a dead end in Austria, he took his complaints in August to the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) in Ireland, where Facebook has its European headquarters - Singapore Straits Times

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Warning: Don't Post Your Pic On Facebook Or A Djin Might Connect To You

USERS of social media sites should not post their pictures online as they could be used for witchcraft, said Kelantan Darussyifa' Islamic Medicine Association chairman Zaki Ya.

He said that djin (spirits) are able to “connect” with humans through the Internet, including Facebook, Sinar Harian reported.

“Once, I treated someone who became delirious because a spell had been cast on him while he was surfing the Internet,” said Zaki.

“A few days ago, I received an SMS from a father asking me to help his son who refused to go to school.

“The father suspected that his son had been influenced by a djin over the Internet,” he said when met at the USM Traditional Islamic Medicine Clinic in Penang.

He said the boy would create a fuss every time his parents forbade him from using the Internet and would even threaten to kill himself.

Zaki added that although he had not met the boy, he is confident that the Darussyifa' Islamic Treatment centre could “heal” him.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teachers Beware: Post Something On Facebook And You'll End Up Unemployed

An administrative law judge has ruled that New Jersey first-grade teacher Jennifer O'Brien should lose her tenured job, because she wrote on Facebook that she as "a "warden for future criminals."

Fox News reports that the Paterson, N. J. teacher posted the remark to 333 friends in March 2011, and it was forwarded along and several parents saw it.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gangster caught after girlfriend posted pic on Facebook

A MAFIA mobster was tracked down and arrested after his dozy girlfriend posted their photos on Facebook.
Salvatore D'Avino, 39, was on the run for ten years until Italian cops spotted snaps on the social networking site.

One showed his pregnant Moroccan lover Brada Hint, 31, posing outside the upmarket Nikki Beach Club, in Marbella, Spain.

After a tip-off by the Italians, cops in the Costa del Sol resort swooped to nick D'Avino – a member of the Giuliano clan of the Naples Mafia.

He was one of Italy's top 100 most wanted crooks and had convictions for drug trafficking.

British debt collectors banned from hounding people on Facebook

DEBT collectors were yesterday banned from hounding people on Facebook and Twitter.

The Office of Fair Trading  (OFT) said the practice caused "stress and embarrassment" because other people can read about borrowers' money problems.

A spokesman said: "It's unfair and improper and it makes that private correspondence public."

The OFT said contacting debtors through social networking sites was a new take on the old method of placing a postcard through a letterbox.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Italian PM Used Facebook To Deny Quit Rumor

DEFIANT Silvio Berlusconi went on Facebook last night to deny internet rumours that he was quitting.

Shares on the crippled Italian stock market rose amid ­speculation the PM was stepping down after being spotted having lunch with his children and friends near his Milan villa.

But Mr Berlusconi insisted the meeting was a family tradition and said on the social network site: “Reports of my resignation are without foundation.”


Facebook And A Woman Scorned

Beware a woman scorned, the old saying goes.

We add: Especially if she has a laptop.

Dana Thorton turned Facebook into Defacebook, and now she’s going to find out if she has any friends in a Morris County jury. A Superior Court judge has ruled she must stand trial for identity theft.

Prosecutors say Thorton smeared her ex-boyfriend, a narcotics detective in Parsippany, by creating a Facebook page in his name and, while impersonating the detective, posted admissions that he used drugs, hired prostitutes and contracted herpes. She has pleaded not guilty and faces 18 months in jail.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The CIA is watching you on Facebook

In an anonymous industrial park, CIA analysts who jokingly call themselves the "ninja librarians" are mining the mass of information people publish about themselves overseas, tracking everything from common public opinion to revolutions.

The group's effort gives the White House a daily snapshot of the world built from tweets, newspaper articles and Facebook updates.

The agency's Open Source Center sometimes looks at 5 million tweets a day. The analysts are also checking out TV news channels, local radio stations, Internet chat rooms — anything overseas that people can access and contribute to openly.

The Associated Press got an apparently unprecedented view of the center's operations, including a tour of the main facility. The AP agreed not to reveal its exact location and to withhold the identities of some who work there because much of the center's work is secret.

From Arabic to Mandarin, from an angry tweet to a thoughtful blog, the analysts gather the information, often in a native tongue. They cross-reference it with a local newspaper or a clandestinely intercepted phone conversation. From there, they build a picture sought by the highest levels at the White House. There might be a real-time peek, for example, at the mood of a region after the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, or perhaps a prediction of which Mideast nation seems ripe for revolt.

Yes, they saw the uprising in Egypt coming; they just didn't know exactly when revolution might hit, says the center's director, Doug Naquin.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Facebook rapist to face additional charges

THABO Bester, the alleged “Facebook rapist” accused of murdering a model in Milnerton, may face two more charges in Cape Town.

Bester, 22, of Meadowlands, Soweto, appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court yesterday charged with murdering 26-year-old model Nomfundo Tyulu in a Sunset Beach B&B in September.

Dressed in a brown jersey, grey tracksuit pants and with his ankles shackled, Bester appeared calm, confident and suave as he was led from the holding cells into the dock.

Bester, who spoke audibly in clear English, said he would make use of a legal aid attorney.

Throughout proceedings he stared ahead and appeared to have a faint smile on his face.

State prosecutor Warda Steyn said investigations into Tyulu’s murder had been completed. She said it had since come to the State’s attention that there were two further charges linked to Bester, and these were being investigated.

Steyn said Bester’s case may be transferred to the Western Cape High Court.

Bester was not asked to plead in the packed courtroom.

His case was postponed and he had no option of being released on bail as he was already serving a sentence handed down in Durban last month.

After yesterday’s court proceedings, National Prosecuting Authority spokesman Eric Ntabazalila said there was no further information available on the two additional charges Bester could face aside from the murder charge.

Tyulu’s body, with a stab wound to the chest, was found in a room in Ocean Breeze Villa, a Sunset Beach B&B.

According to court documents, she was killed there on September 22.


To Get Money, Mum Sells Her Own Semi-Nude Pics On Facebook

HER exorbitant lifestyle caused her debts to swell into hundreds of thousands of ringgit. To settle her debts, the mother-of-three started selling semi-nude photos of herself over Facebook. Her modus operandi involves using the social networking site to hook clients who are asked to deposit money into her bank account.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the 35-year-old woman would send salacious images of herself to the client via MMS. Harian Metro said a man who had purchased such a photo informed her husband about his wife's “business”.

She allegedly provided phone sex services as well.

“After going through my wife's mobile phone and computer, I was crushed to learn that what he said was true. I even used a new phone number and Facebook account to pretend that I was an interested client. That confirmed the allegations,” said the 43-year-old husband.

The couple who live in Kuching has been married for more than a decade. The husband said he noticed changes in his wife's behaviour after she returned from an outstation trip in September. She frequently isolated herself in a room while on her mobilephone.

“My wife is a spendthrift even though she earns only RM2,000 a month from her job in the civil service. She enjoys making high-end purchases,” he said, adding that his wife brushed aside the allegations when confronted.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Unfriend Me, I Burn Your House

A Des Moines, Iowa, woman has been arrested in an arson attack on the home of a former friend who had quarreled with her and unfriended her on Facebook, according to a published report.

Jennifer Christine Harris, 30, of Des Moines, is being held Thursday at Polk County Jail on $100,000 bond on a charge of first-degree arson, a jail spokeswoman said.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Facebook now ‘hot spot’ to book prostitutes in Malaysia

Social networking site Facebook has become increasingly popular to book prostitutes online.

Malaysia No 1 Call Girl Service. 3C Agent: 012959****" is one of the pages set up to enable clients to hire girls from China, Thailand and Indonesia, according to Sinar Harian.

As of 7pm on Thursday, it had 2,080 "likes".

"Service will be provided only around Klang Valley. Please don't call us to confirm, we don't provide service in other countries, please cooperate," a post on the agency's Facebook page read.

The website asked customers to check into a hotel, call the 3C Agent to request the type of girl they wanted and make payment before the service is provided.

The cost charges ranges from 180 to 700 Malaysian Ringgit, and clients can view the pictures of the women before purchasing.

"We are aware of the existence of the Facebook page. So far no one has been arrested for offering sex through the Internet," the Star Online quoted Federal Criminal Investigation Department principal assistant director of anti-vice, gaming and secret society deputy director SAC Abdul Jalil Hassan as saying. (ANI)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Schoolboys lured on Facebook with sex for sale

A SEX syndicate is using Facebook to attract young customers.

A man was shocked to find his 16-year-old brother had sought their services via the social network, Sin Chew Daily reported.

The man, known only as Li, told the daily that he spotted his brother at a hotel in Klang during school hours while he was having a business meeting at the location recently.

“When I confronted him, he told me that he was playing truant to seek sex services, which he had discovered through the social network,” he told the daily.

Li said his brother told him that more than half of his classmates had sought the service, which costs between RM100 and RM140.

“He said if they want to spend a night with the prostitute, they have to pay RM360,” adding that the website had the photo and price for every prostitute.

Li said he hoped parents would pay more attention to their children so they would not be involved in unhealthy activities - The Star

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cell phone thief posts photo of himself on victim's Facebook page

Henry County investigators looking for a man suspected of breaking into a car got some unexpected help when the alleged thief inadvertently posted a photo of himself on his victim's Facebook page.

The victim's vehicle was broken into on Sept. 26 at East Lake Academy daycare in McDonough and her purse was taken, according to Henry police Major Jason Bolton.

"The suspect apparently took a picture of himself on the victim's phone, and due to her settings, it automatically uploaded to her Facebook page," Bolton said.

Death Of Steve Jobs And The Great Facebook iPad Scam

As Facebook users share links from news sites about Steve Jobs and the announcement of his death, scammers are tricking users into going to survey sites in hopes of a free iPad.

Scammers have jumped on the news of Apple founder Steve Jobs' death to push forward more survey scams on Facebook. Security researchers warned more are probably on the way.

In the latest scam, Facebook users are told that a company—not Apple—is giving away 50 iPads in memory of Steve Jobs, Sophos researchers posted Oct. 6 on the Naked Security blog. The ghoulish scam appears on the user's Facebook Wall with a picture of the former Apple CEO.

The post is deceptively simple, titled, "R.I.P. Steve Jobs," and the accompanying URL is a shortened link from with "restinpeace-steve-jobs." Users clicking on the link are automatically directed to a survey site, which is required before qualifying for the free offer. This particular link appeared about two hours after news of his death broke in the evening of Oct. 5. Since then, the post had tricked more than 25,669 people from 100 countries to click through to the bogus survey site, according to's analytics page.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Facebook Comment Costs A Retiree RM100,000

A retiree has been ordered by a High Court here to pay a total of RM100,000 in damages and costs to a private automotive technology training centre where his son had studied over three defamatory postings on Facebook.

Justice Varghese George Varughese ordered Leong Yook Kong (pic), 64, to pay DeSpark Auto (Penang) Sdn Bhd RM60,000 in general damages, RM15,000 in aggravated damages and RM25,000 in costs.

He also granted the centre an injunction restraining Leong from further publishing, or causing to be published, any material in the nature of the three defamatory postings, or of similar purport or effect, in any media or howsoever.

The centre had sued Leong for defamation over three comments that the latter posted on the social networking website in November and December last year, accusing the centre of criminal and inappropriate activities.

Varughese said that in cases of libel, the burden of proof was on the plaintiff to show that the words referred to the plaintiff, that the words were published by the defendant, and that the words were capable of or had tendency to bear a defamatory meaning.

Varughese said he had examined the exact words in the three postings and found that they had allegations of fraud, criminal element, and dishonest or corrupt practice.

The judge said Leong's grouses arose when his son failed the London-based City & Guilds examination for his diploma in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, and he "went on a warpath" against the centre.

He said Leong had built up his case based on three areas of grouses that irked him – that the centre was not incorporated, that it had pre-dated and post-dated its students' portfolios, and the high failure rate of the City & Guilds exam among its students.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Facebook sued by irate father

A Northern Ireland man has sued Facebook after his 12-year-old daughter was able to post lewd photos of herself to the social network, reports the BBC. The lawsuit has called into question whether Facebook, which officially bars anyone under the age of 13 from becoming a member, does enough to verify the age of its users.

“My own personal view is that Facebook isn’t suitable for under-18s, but the company isn’t even able to uphold its own policy of keeping under-13s out,” said Hilary Carmichael, the father’s lawyer. “An age check, like asking for a passport number, would be a simple measure for Facebook to implement.”

According to Charmichael, the photos in question were “sexually explicit,” and showed the girl “heavily made-up,” and “in a provocative pose,” which made her appear “much older than her 12 years.”

The girl also reportedly posted information about where she lives and which school she attends.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Thai citizen accused of insulting king on Facebook

Police have arrested a Thai computer programmer on charges of insulting the nation's revered king on a Facebook page, his lawyer said Monday. The charges carry a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.

Surapak Puchaisaeng, a 40-year-old Bangkok resident, was also accused of violating the Computer Crime Act for the alleged defamatory comments, his lawyer Lomrak Meemuean said.

Surapak denied insulting 83-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Police confiscated his desktop and laptop computers, his lawyer said.

Cases involving insults to the monarchy, known as lese majeste, have skyrocketed in recent years, but Friday's arrest of Surapak is the first since a new government took power in August, according to the activist network Freedom Against Censorship Thailand.

Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubumrung, who oversees national police affairs, last month said cracking down on anti-monarchy websites is high on his agenda.

"Websites with monarchy-insulting content ... cannot exist under this government," Chalerm said, adding he would set up a "war room" to closely monitor the situation.

The lese majeste law covers anyone who "defames, insults or threatens the king, the queen, the heir to the throne or the regent."

The 2007 Computer Crime Act, which prohibits circulation of material that jeopardizes national security or causes panic, carries a maximum jail term of five years and a fine of 100,000 baht ($3,300).

Critics say the lese majeste law is frequently used as a weapon against political opponents. Almost any critical comment touching on the monarchy can be construed as disloyalty to the institution - The Star

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Facebook Found Missing Student

The frantic search for missing Stanford University student Jacob Boehm through social networking website Facebook has a happy ending.

The 22-year-old has been found safe and sound at the Kuala Tembeling Resort near Taman Negara.

Pahang CID chief SAC T. Narena-segaran said Boehm went missing after entering the country from Thailand.

“After ordering police to check every resort, we found him at the Kuala Tembeling Resort near Jerantut,” Narenasegaran said yesterday.

Boehm's parents had set up a Facebook page “Jacob Boehm missing in Malay-sia” after they failed to locate him, sparking headlines in newspapers in the United States.

An update on the page finally traced him to Taman Negara, where park rangers located the entry record of Boehm, who was expected to come out of the park by Tuesday.

His mother Nancy Luberoff said the information that the family re-ceived on Boehm's whereabouts had come about directly as a result of the “extraordinary Facebook community”.

“We now know that someone linked through this Facebook group had used his Malaysian connections to mobilise efforts to search for Jacob in the Taman Negara National Park. We are deeply grateful,” she said on the page.

Boehm, who was travelling alone on American and German passports, was in Thailand until Aug 9 or Aug 10 before he started travelling around Malaysia.

According to a public Google map on which Boehm recorded his travel itinerary, the places he visited in Malaysia were Kota Baru, Kuala Terengganu, Kuantan and Jerantut.

Parents of the bespectacled young man lost contact with him since Aug 14 and he had not accessed his bank account for over a week.

They also filed a missing person's report with the US and German embassies in Malaysia.

US Embassy press attache Harvey Sernovitz confirmed that Boehm's family had contacted the embassy here on Thursday.

“The embassy has been in contact with the family and the relevant authorities,” he said - The Star

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Facebook Kills A Man

Malaysian police on Tuesday said they have detained two people on suspicion of bludgeoning a man to death after he reportedly posted negative remarks about a girl he had "friended" on Facebook. "The two men are in a police lock-up. They are being investigated for murder," a senior police official in the northern Kedah state familiar with the case said condition of anonymity.

Twenty-year-old Mohamad Amran Romli died in hospital Friday shortly after sustaining severe head injuries in an attack by two men believed to be brothers of the girl, the Malay language daily Berita Harian said.

The two men beat Amran with motorcycle crash helmets during the attack in an alley behind a supermarket in Kulim town in Kedah state, it said.

Local police chief Ghuzlan Saleh was quoted as saying that Amran had befriended the girl through Facebook, which is extremely popular in the mostly Muslim country along with other social networking and microblogging sites.

However, their online relationship eventually "turned sour" and the victim allegedly posted disparaging comments about the girl and her family.

"She then complained to her brothers who sought to resolve the dispute with Amran. They met behind a supermarket but an altercation broke out and the victim was hit on the head with crash helmets," the police chief was quoted as saying.

"It will take about two weeks before they are charged in court after a report is submitted to public prosecutors," the senior police official said.

A study by global research firm TNS last year showed Malaysians to be the most popular people on the Internet, with an average of 233 friends in their social networks compared with 68 in China and just 29 in Japan.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

He told police on Facebook, "come and get me"

A fugitive who taunted police on his Facebook page to 'catch me if you can. I'm in Brooklyn' has been arrested.

The Daily News says U.S. marshals and NYPD detectives tracked Victor Burgos down to an apartment in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood Monday night, sitting at a computer with his Facebook page open.

The 29-year-old suspect was wanted by police in Utica, New York, on multiple arrest warrants for domestic violence and harassment of his former girlfriend.

He allegedly issued the Facebook challenge after his mug shot appeared on the Utica Police Department's 10 most wanted list.

Utica Sgt. Steve Hauck tells the News: "He told us via Facebook to come and get him and we did."


Friday, July 1, 2011

Now You Could Lose a Job Because of Something You 'Liked' on Facebook

By now, everyone knows that it's unwise to post on Facebook those scantily clad photos of yourself doing tequila shots, because a potential employer might see it and get the wrong (or right) idea. Google searches have become almost standard operating procedure for most employers looking to fill positions, and the self-posted, photographic proof that you walk on the wild side does not reflect well on your sense of responsibility.

But now there's a vetting company that really gets into the deep, dark details of your digital life, even researching what you "like" on your Facebook page, which could inadvertently show you in an unflattering light.

Let's say you hit the "Like" button on the comment: "I shouldn't have to press 1 for English. We are in the United States. Learn the language." The background check company Social Intelligence could label you as "racist," according to Forbes tech blogger Kashmir Hill.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stealing Motobikes Via Facebook

A GROUP of teenagers, believed to be masterminds behind motorcycle thefts in the Kluang district, are using Facebook to carry out their activities.

Berita Harian reported that the syndicate held discussions and exchanged secret codes among members relating to their activities on the social networking site.

This was done to make it more difficult for the police to track them.

The Facebook account named “Belut” was open only to syndicate members and potential customers interested in purchasing their loot, which included fully-assembled motorcycles and spare parts.

Kluang district police chief Asst Commissioner Mohamed Fawzi Mohd Arshad said police uncovered the new tactic after two of the syndicate members were arrested last week.

“The group's latest tactic was crippled when they were arrested just hours after another motorcycle theft was reported.

“The two suspects admitted that the social site was extensively used as the syndicate's main communication channel when committing crime.

“The two also confessed that syndicate members would receive directives to steal through the Facebook account, which uses a secret code and the password Belut' to avoid being detected,” Mohamed Fawzi said.

He added that the police had successfully tracked down two more members of the syndi- cate following the Facebook discovery.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tourism Ministry Spent RM1.8 Million On Facebook

The Tourism Ministry has spent a whopping RM1,758,432 on developing six Facebook pages to promote Malaysian tourism. In an online news portal yesterday, Tourism Deputy Minister Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit was quoted as saying the Facebook pages -- Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia, Citrawarna 1Malaysia, Karnival Jualan Mega 1Malaysia, Festival Pelancongan Seni Kontemporari 1Malaysia, Kempen 1Malaysia Bersih and Fabulous Food 1Malaysia -- costing RM293,072 each.Mamit reportedly gave these figures in Parliament yesterday.

But website developers and members of the public say the move was a waste of taxpayers' money.

Creative director Joey Khor, 33, who has seven years experience in developing websites, told The Malay Mail spending such an amount for setting up Facebook pages was simply not justifiable.

"Every website acts like a house and one have to 'drive traffic' to their 'houses' to promote it. Generally, the bulk of the money spent for websites is usually to attract traffic to it and Facebook pages are a form of an online marketing option.

"However, spending RM1.8 million on such a purpose is not justifiable."

Khor opined he could easily set up a digital agency and run the websites of five different companies for a year with RM1.8 million. "With almost RM300,000 spent for each page, I can create two iPhone applications."

Instead of setting up Facebook pages to promote Malaysian tourism, Khor said the ministry could have engaged in other online marketing strategies such as partnering with Google for promotional activities.

A website developer, who wished to remain anonymous, said a general website requires RM50,000 to RM200,000 to be set up, depending on its complexity.

"RM50,000 to RM80,000 is considered sufficient enough to develop each of the ministry's Facebook pages.

The 32-year-old said even international brands usually spend about RM1 million for their websites.
"My most expensive project was to develop a website for a company that needed me to create a template which could be adapted across all countries. The website development cost the company RM1.2 million.

"Compared to the Tourism Ministry's Facebook pages, the project I worked on was on a much higher scale. So, how could the ministry had spent more than us?"

Copy writer John Royce, from Petaling Jaya said the ministry either had extremely poor judgement when it comes to selecting its contractors for website development or they were not being completely honest with the public.

"Having worked in a digital marketing agency before, I think it's ridiculous to spend about RM300,000 for a Facebook page. In fact, you can get a full corporate website with all the bells and whistles, plus social media accounts created and managed for you for RM300,000.

"What's even more outrageous is that the government claim it can no longer afford to subsidise fuel. And yet here they are squandering taxpayers' money," said the 30-year-old.

Samantha Doray, 25, an architect said: "I opened the Facebook pages to find out if there was really anything worth RM1.8 million on them. The comments by the other users aptly describe my sentiments too. The ministry's idiocy is out there in the open for everyone to see."

Public relations officer Sasha Sundaran said there should be an inquiry done on how the ministry managed and spent the money.

"Malaysians need to know where their money is going."