Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Facebook pals married

Virtual love for two Facebook friends ended up as real commitment when they got married on Valentine’s Day.

G. Srivally, 27, and Yap Khong Luen, 33, were among 55 couples who attended a mass wedding ceremony organised by the Johor Baru Tiong Hua Association.

Their relationship began in 2009 when they met on Facebook and love blossomed soon after.

Srivally, who is an accounts officer, said that she was attracted to Yap because of his caring nature.

“He is a very soft-hearted person who always cares about my feelings and needs,” said Srivally, who was dressed in a purple gown.

Yap, a technician, said: “I think it was fated that we ended up with each other.”

He added that he had a problem communicating with Srivally at first because of his poor command of English.

“I used to speak in broken English to Srivally.

“Our relationship has definitely improved my command of the language,” he added.

Srivally said she was the first in her family to marry someone from another race and she received her family’s full support.

“I have always believed in the 1Malaysia spirit and now I am practising it,” she added.

The couple said they would go on their honeymoon after their traditional Indian wedding in July.

Lau Kim Guan, 34, said he decided to marry laboratory analyst Tan Ai Fang, 27, on Valentine’s Day as it was also his birthday.

The quality engineer said he fell in love with Tan in Singapore when they were taking part in a social community programme.

“We initially planned our wedding for Oct 10 last year, but due to a last-minute company trip, we decided to postpone it to Valentine’s Day,” he said - The Star

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Girl commits suicide after Facebook post

To the horror of her classmates, a troubled teenager died after falling from the second floor of her school – just days after posting in her Facebook wall about wanting to take her own life.

In the 9.15am tragedy, Sally Lee Qian Chun, a Form 5 student, abruptly walked out during the Chemistry lesson in the laboratory on the first floor and went to her classroom a floor above.

Witnesses in SMK Seri Kota in Ayer Leleh were shocked to see Lee, 17, sitting precariously on the corridor ledge facing her empty classroom before she fell backwards. She suffered fatal head injuries.

A close relative who refused to be named said Lee’s family, from Taman Bukit Katil, Bukit Katil, was puzzled as to why she would want to take her own life.

“She seemed happy during Chinese New Year.

“I even saw her on Monday and she looked fine and happy,” he said when met at the Malacca Hospital mortuary here yesterday.

However, it was a different story in Lee’s Facebook. Since Jan 17, she had posted several disturbing comments on her wall, even saying this would be her last Chinese New Year.

Her posting became more troubled last Friday when she wrote that she had planned to take her own life last month.

On Sunday night, at around 11.07pm, Lee lamented on her Facebook of a failed relationship and broken promises while reiterating her desire to take her own life.

Her remarks drew some taunts and dares from her online friends. Some commentators even asked her to go ahead with what she wanted to do.

In her last posting at 3.45pm on Monday, Lee reminded her friends to keep their promises of buying her a teddy bear and coffin. She also told them not to miss her when she was gone and to take care of themselves.

Lee, the eldest and only girl with two younger brothers, was described by teachers as a bright and well-behaved student. Her parents were too distraught to be interviewed.

State MCA chairman Datuk Gan Tian Loo arranged for a meeting at the school for Lee’s relatives to meet with several of her classmates.

“The family is in shock and unable to accept that Lee would want to take her own life.

“They wanted to find out from her friends as to what had happened,” he said when met here.

Melaka Tengah OCPD Asst Comm Salehhudin Abd Rahman said the case was classified as sudden death.

Last December, a 22-year-old man took his own life after another failed relationship. He posted, also on Facebook, a 45-minute countdown to his suicide.

The youth jumped from the 14th floor of an apartment block in Cheras.

It was reported that the man became depressed after his girlfriend of four months broke up with him - The Star

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Woman lecturer conned by a Facebook doctor

A COLLEGE lecturer lost RM30,000 after getting acquainted with a man who claimed to be a doctor on the social networking site Facebook, Kosmo! reported.

Pahang commercial crime chief Supt Zaini Jass said the victim, 49, got to know “Dr Bruce Burn” from the United States on Jan 7.

When they were communicating, the “doctor” told her that he was based in the United States and was looking for a companion to settle down with.

He further deceived her by saying that he was prepared to settle down in Malaysia after marriage and would be coming to the country to meet her.

However, Supt Zaini said a man, who claimed to be a customs officer, contacted the lecturer and told her that the “doctor” had been arrested at KLIA for carrying £25,000 (RM121,567) that was not declared.

“The victim then paid RM30,000 to free the man,” he said, adding that she lodged a report after she discovered she was conned when the doctor did not show up at her house - The Star