Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Facebook pals married

Virtual love for two Facebook friends ended up as real commitment when they got married on Valentine’s Day.

G. Srivally, 27, and Yap Khong Luen, 33, were among 55 couples who attended a mass wedding ceremony organised by the Johor Baru Tiong Hua Association.

Their relationship began in 2009 when they met on Facebook and love blossomed soon after.

Srivally, who is an accounts officer, said that she was attracted to Yap because of his caring nature.

“He is a very soft-hearted person who always cares about my feelings and needs,” said Srivally, who was dressed in a purple gown.

Yap, a technician, said: “I think it was fated that we ended up with each other.”

He added that he had a problem communicating with Srivally at first because of his poor command of English.

“I used to speak in broken English to Srivally.

“Our relationship has definitely improved my command of the language,” he added.

Srivally said she was the first in her family to marry someone from another race and she received her family’s full support.

“I have always believed in the 1Malaysia spirit and now I am practising it,” she added.

The couple said they would go on their honeymoon after their traditional Indian wedding in July.

Lau Kim Guan, 34, said he decided to marry laboratory analyst Tan Ai Fang, 27, on Valentine’s Day as it was also his birthday.

The quality engineer said he fell in love with Tan in Singapore when they were taking part in a social community programme.

“We initially planned our wedding for Oct 10 last year, but due to a last-minute company trip, we decided to postpone it to Valentine’s Day,” he said - The Star