Friday, October 7, 2011

Death Of Steve Jobs And The Great Facebook iPad Scam

As Facebook users share links from news sites about Steve Jobs and the announcement of his death, scammers are tricking users into going to survey sites in hopes of a free iPad.

Scammers have jumped on the news of Apple founder Steve Jobs' death to push forward more survey scams on Facebook. Security researchers warned more are probably on the way.

In the latest scam, Facebook users are told that a company—not Apple—is giving away 50 iPads in memory of Steve Jobs, Sophos researchers posted Oct. 6 on the Naked Security blog. The ghoulish scam appears on the user's Facebook Wall with a picture of the former Apple CEO.

The post is deceptively simple, titled, "R.I.P. Steve Jobs," and the accompanying URL is a shortened link from with "restinpeace-steve-jobs." Users clicking on the link are automatically directed to a survey site, which is required before qualifying for the free offer. This particular link appeared about two hours after news of his death broke in the evening of Oct. 5. Since then, the post had tricked more than 25,669 people from 100 countries to click through to the bogus survey site, according to's analytics page.