Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Judge Orders Divorced Couple to Swap Facebook Passwords

A judge in Connecticut has ordered a divorcing couple to swap Facebook passwords, along with their logins to online dating sites. Oh, these modern times.

When couples divorce, they usually have to divide up homes, cars, kids and record collections, but now some courts are requiring that they have to swap social media passwords. Forbes reports that Connecticut Judge Kenneth Shluger ordered that the attorneys for soon-to-split couple Stephen and Courtney Gallion exchange “their client’s Facebook and dating website passwords.” The request was apparently made when one spouse made statements on Facebook that the other spouse wanted to use to bolster their case for full custody of the couple’s children. So be wary next time you log on to jokingly threaten to FedEx your kid to their grandparents for drawing on the walls in permanent marker. (Not that NewsFeed has done that, of course.)