Thursday, November 17, 2011

Same name, same Facebook

An engaged couple in Coral Springs have more in common than their love for each other. They also share the same first and last name.

It began on April of 2008 when a curious girl went typed her name on the popular social networking site Facebook.
20-year-old Kelly Hildebrandt or "Baby Doll" as her fiancée now affectionately calls her went on the site and discovered a "pleasant" looking guy who shares her name. She decided it would be fun to reach out and say hello and see if they were related.

"I just searched my name to see what else was out there. I was just curious," said Kelly "Baby Doll" Hildebrandt. "I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the search list. I just sent him a message."

They were grateful when they found out they weren't related.

"I thought she was pretty cute and we got to talking and I was thinking I had family in Florida and we found out there's no relation," the man, Kelly Hildebrandt, 24, told CBS4. "But through it all we built a friendship."

For the next three months, the couple exchanged emails and that eventually led to long phone conversations. There was some flirtation, the male Kelly Hildebrandt admits, but he was too shy to come right out and say he wanted take a flight from Lubbock, Tex., where he lived to visit her at her Coral Springs home with the intention of dating.

"I guess I just finally told her, 'If you get your scuba certification, then I'll come down there and dive with you,'" he said.

And she did. They were immediately smitten with each other.