Monday, November 28, 2011

Watch out! A thief may be tracking you on Facebook

Next time you make friends with anyone you don’t know too well, or/and you update your online profile, beware! You might just be inviting thieves to your house. Yes, burglars are now using social networking sites to find out whether the target is at home or way, suggested a recent study.

For most of us social networking platforms are nothing less than avatars of our personality and we love to announce to the world— by tweeting constantly or posting pictures of the places we are going to. But thisapparently gives robbers an easy chance to plan thefts. And not only do they benefit from updated whereabouts, they are also being updated on current acquisitions. As celebrity lawyer Vibhav Mittal rightly points out, “You cannot be blaming the networking sites here. If you expose yourself too much, there is always the risk involved.