Friday, December 30, 2011

Facebook: bearer of bad news

Anuj Bidve, 23, was approached by a stranger and shot in the head at close range as he walked with friends near their hotel in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Yesterday police said they were treating the shooting as a hate crime.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5Live this morning, the student's father Subhash Bidve accused British authorities of failing to contact him in India to break the news of the death.

"Nobody official from the UK Government or consulate or the Indian Government called us and told us about this," he said.

"I am really surprised because they confiscated his phone and must have know his father's or mother's number. They could have called us and told us what had happened to him."

(pic: A vietcong shot in the head by the then South Vietnam police chief)


There are just too many dumb criminals on Facebook

Police in Burlington, Vt., arrested Ryan Jarvis, 25, on a charge of retail theft. And the only evidence they really had was that Jarvis' fiancee was showing off a $3,199 engagement ring in her Facebook photos.

Several of Amber Lafountain's friends — well, three, but it's Vermont — recognized it as the ring that had been stolen from the local Zales, reports the Burlington Free Press.

Police say Jarvis saw the ring while shopping, considered financing options . . . then just ran out of the store with it. "He advised he knew it was a stupid thing to do," Officer Jesse Stewart said. Almost as stupid as posting photos of stolen merchandise on Facebook.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12,000,000 Malaysians on Facebook

According to, now there are 12,060,340 Malaysians Facebook users. That's 46% of the country's population. No wonder, even mamak roti canai has a Facebook account.

What they have failed to report there are 1,234,876 Malaysians who use Facebook while having sex, another 3,456,789 who use it while doing the poop-poop business and almost 11,987,654 who update their Facebook while driving. No wonder Malaysia has one of the highest accident rate in the world.

If you want to rob a woman, make sure she doesn't have a Facebook account

People often use Facebook statuses to share exciting news about their lives. But a dire Facebook post last weekend saved the lives of a Utah woman and her 17-month-old-son after they were held hostage in their own home for five days.

Salt Lake City Police Sgt. Jon Arnold told the Associated Press that the woman hid in a closet with a laptop from which she posted a cry for help, saying she and her child would be "dead by morning" if someone didn't intervene.

The post prompted a friend to call police, who were dispatched to the woman's home to check in on her.

"Facebook was her only outlet that she had at the home," Arnold said. "It just happened that she was able to use it."

Police on Saturday arrested and detained 33-year-old Troy Reed Critchfield while they investigated charges of aggravated kidnapping, forcible sodomy, aggravated assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and animal cruelty, among other things, the AP said.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When on Facebook don't ever call Obama "a monkey"

The Secret Service is investigating threats made against President Obama on Facebook by a former libertarian city council candidate in Carson.

"We are aware of the incident and are going to conduct appropriate followup," said Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie.

In his post, Jules Manson calls Obama a a racial epithet and suggests he should be assassinated.

Manson, who ran for office on a Libertarian platform in the Carson race in March, called Obama a "monkey" in an online screed on the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act. The act has raised the ire of activists because it permits indefinite detention without trial for some terrorism suspects.

In a comment on the Facebook post, Manson added: "Assassinate the [president] and his monkey children." He used an obscenity followed by a racial epithet to describe the president. The post had been removed from Manson's Facebook page Tuesday, but the blog Your Black Politics captured and posted a screenshot of it, including the coarse language.


Crazy man posted pic of bound daughter on Facebook

A 21-year-old Chicago man was charged Tuesday with aggravated domestic battery after he posted a photo of his 1-year-old daughter bound in duct tape on Facebook.

Andre Curry, 21, of the 6100 block of South Racine Avenue, was charged with aggravated domestic battery, officials said.
The photo Curry allegedly posted to his profile showed little girl with her hands bound by blue tape. Another strip of tape covered her mouth.

A caption with the photo read, "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back."

If you murdered somebody, don't post it on Facebook

A San Bernardino County man accused in the beating death of his pregnant girlfriend was arrested after a post appeared on his Facebook page implying that her death was an accident.

Willie Davis Hines Jr., 23, was booked into the San Bernardino Central Detention Center on two counts of murder in connection with the death of Tatjana Cruz, 24, and her unborn child, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said Tuesday.

Hines was arrested after he flagged down a security guard at a mall in San Diego late Monday and told him he was wanted for questioning in a murder, the department said in a statement.

He was being held Tuesday without bail.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Obama bans daughters from Facebook

He relied heavily on social media to get him elected in 2008.

But Barack Obama has admitted he has banned his daughters from using Facebook – because he doesn’t want ‘strangers knowing our business’.

The U.S. President said it ‘does not make much sense’ to put the most private details of his family life on public view.

His elder daughter, Malia, is 13, and just old enough to use Facebook. Her younger sister Sasha is ten.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

He used Facebook before but soon he would be using prison toilet

ONE of Australia's worst cyber criminals will be sentenced tomorrow for raping, stalking and grooming vulnerable underage girls.

John Zimmerman, who used MySpace and Facebook to contact more than a thousand teens, has pleaded to three charges of rape, 23 charges of sexual penetration and five charges of an indecent act with a child under 16, involving girls aged between 12 and 17.

Zimmerman is expected to be sentenced to between 12 and 20 years in prison, which also include offences of making child pornography, stalking, procuring and grooming teenage girls via social media. He contacted them by "random" adding them to his Facebook and MySpace pages.

In all, Zimmerman has pleaded guilty to 87 charges involving crimes against 55 underage girls, accepting a plea deal which had the federal and state charges cut from in excess of 200.

Zimmerman is now regarded as a landmark case in predatory cyber crimes.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Facebook now can track murders that happen thousands of miles away

Police are investigating whether a breakup prompted a Fort Wayne man to shoot and kill his ex-girlfriend and a friend of hers before killing himself — a scene authorities say they were alerted to when a woman thousands of miles away called police after seeing a chilling Facebook posting.

Authorities suspect the ex-boyfriend shot and killed 19-year-old Erin Jehl and 19-year-old Ryann Tipton, whom Jehl had brought with her when she went to her ex-boyfriend’s house in Fort Wayne on Saturday afternoon to retrieve some belongings.


Monday, December 12, 2011

You poke me on Facebook, I will send you to jail

Well if you haven’t heard already a woman may be going to jail for poking someone on Facebook the popular social networking site. I mean come on! Yes the woman, Shannon D. Jackson who had a restraining order against her should not have done it but to give her a year in jail for a poke on Facebook??? This is really ridiculous but Facebook is loving it, free publicity.

The court order against the woman stated that she was not allowed to do the following: no telephoning, contacting or otherwise communicating with the petitioner. Apparently this is a violation of the order and it could land her 11 months and 29 days in jail and possibly a fine of up to $2500. She was arrested and her bond was set at $1500.


They used Facebook to start a riot, now they use Facebook to keep boredom while in jail

Two teenagers have been jailed for three years for trying to organise a riot in Dundee using Facebook, at the height of the summer disturbances in England.

Jordan McGinley, 18, and Shawn Divin, 16, claimed they had set up the page named "riot in the toon" as a joke, while urging Facebook users to "kill some fucking daftys", loot shops and attack the police on 17 August.

Their page was viewed by more than 2,000 people after it was posted, with 221 saying they would attend and 68 others claiming they might attend.

McGinley and Divin, who were arrested on 11 August on suspicion of incitement to mob and riot, had already pleaded guilty to a breach of the peace and tried to play down their intentions. They insisted that the page was not a deliberate attempt to incite violence or a riot, but was a "joke that got a bit serious".


Sunday, December 11, 2011

After playing game on Facebook, father killed his two children

ANGRY father Jane Say pleaded guilty at the old Bailey on 8th December, 2011 to murdering daughter Regina eight, and son Rolls, 10. The retired concierge and part-time football steward originally from Ivory Coast West Africa, spoke only to enter a formal guilty plea.

Say slit his children’s throats while they slept and then rang his ex-wife saying “I’ve killed your children” she dialled 999 sending police and paramedics racing to the property. He then called her again saying “come and get their bodies” in broken English.  

He accused her of calling him a "raper" and reporting "anything bad about my life." Both children had defensive wounds on their bodies indicating, they tried fighting off their father. Rolls also had ghastly antemortem injuries to his head, indicating they were inflicted while he was still alive. On getting to the scene, Detectives found Say sitting calmly beside the bodies of his children, who had been dead for several hours. Before the killings, those who saw Say described him as courteous and well-dressed, a loner, not very sociable and very secretive about his children but did not appear homicidal or depressed. 

A day before killing Regina and Rolls who were on one of their normal visits, Say had received an eviction notice  from his solicitors stating that as he was not living with his wife and children, he was no longer entitled to a three-bedroom  property. Hours before the tragedy, both Say and his estranged wife were on Facebook playing games.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

More than 1,000 employees of Facebook will become millionaires soon. But you, Facebook fanatic, will remain hungry and poor

Traveling to space or embarking on an expedition to excavate lost Mayan ruins are normally the stuff of adventure novels.

But for employees of Facebook, these and other lavish dreams are moving closer to reality as the world's No. 1 online social network prepares for a blockbuster initial public offering that could create at least a thousand millionaires.

The most anticipated stock market debut of 2012 is expected to value Facebook at as much as $100 billion, which would top just about any of Silicon Valley's most celebrated coming-out parties, from Netscape to Google Inc.

Facebook's headcount has swelled from 700 employees in late 2008 to more than 3,000 today. Given its generous use of equity-based compensation in past years, people familiar with Facebook say that even by conservative estimates there are likely to be well over a thousand people looking at million-dollar-plus paydays after the company goes public.

Friday, December 9, 2011

If you stole a car, do not post its picture on Facebook

A man has been jailed after he posed for a Facebook snap in a stolen car.

Dean Fallows’ bid to show off to friends online linked him to a ring of car thieves who stole high-powered motors in burglaries around south Manchester and Tameside.

Fallows, 20, claimed to have spent only seconds behind the wheel of the Audi A3, but it was enough to make him guilty of handing stolen goods.

He was jailed for 15 months after admitting the charge at Manchester Crown Court.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Man lost but then found by Facebook

A mentally unsound man has been found, thanks to Facebook thus putting an end to his family’s anxieties.

Reported missing on Friday from Tabuan Laru, he was discovered walking along Jalan Kuching-Serian at KM30 here yesterday, some 27km away.

Lau Lik Huat, 40, only had his pants on when found, and a nearby resident was the first to spot him and contact his family.

A police report was lodged at around 8am on the day, and security personnel at a private hospital in Stutong did see a man loitering around the area but thought nothing of it.

Lau’s family posted his photo on social networking site Facebook, appealing for help which proved to be a stroke of genius when they received a call from the eagle-eyed resident.

According to brother Lik Ching, 27, this was the fourth time that Lau had ventured away from home.

“My brother has a problem with his right eye. He did not put on any clothes when he went out (at around 5am) and we were so worried.”

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Facebook privacy .... now even Facebook boss is subject to Facebook stupidity

A series of photos from Mark Zuckerberg’s private Facebook page were made public today after a web expert managed to gain access thanks to a glitch in the social networking site.

The bug in the website’s photo reporting tool - which Facebook says was only temporary and has now been fixed - meant that users could access others’ pictures even if they were private.

Users were able to look at the private photos by ‘reporting’ a profile picture as ‘inappropriate’, which then saw other photos displayed, such as those of Facebook CEO Mr Zuckerberg.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Facebook comment can get you fired. If you don't believe me ask Apple

Apple can legally fire an employee who ranted about his job on Facebook, a U.K. tribunal ruled, the latest in a growing number of worker terminations prompted by social network postings.

Employee Samuel Crisp, a “Genius” at the Norwich Apple Store, posted various angry updates about his iPhone, apps and other aspects of Apple, expressing his displeasure on the social network.

Crisp’s profile was set to private, but the comments reached Apple management from a friend who passed them on. Apple terminated Crisp, saying his remarks breached the company’s social media policy against negative comments, and the tribunal upheld the company’s decision.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanks to Facebook, two sisters separated for 60 years to see each other again

Two sisters from Kent who were separated as children are to meet after finding each other on Facebook.

When their parents split up, Jan Stevens and her brother were placed in care but Evelyn Plumridge, who was the youngest, stayed with their mother.

Ms Stevens now lives in Canada and Ms Plumridge is in Gravesend. The sisters have been trying to trace each other for more than 40 years.

They are due to finally meet just in time for Christmas.

The sisters were very young when they were separated. Ms Stevens was about 18 months old and Ms Plumridge a baby aged about six months.

Oh my God! Facebook to introduce online casino soon

Facebook is being accused of luring children into gambling through plans to introduce real cash games.

The world’s biggest social network site wants to use Britain as a testing ground for games that would let users gamble on virtual fruit machines, bingo, poker and roulette.

It already allows members to play slot machine games and bingo using ‘virtual credits’ instead of real money.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Facebook bans village name

Facebook has blacklisted the parish of Effin – for having an offensive name.

The social networking site would not let Ann Marie Kennedy list Effin in Ireland’s County Limerick as her ‘hometown’ on her profile page as it was deemed obscene.

Ms Kennedy contacted Facebook but received no reply, so tried to set up a group called ‘Please get my hometown Effin recognised’.

That was also rejected. 

‘It came back with an error message saying 'offensive,’ she said.


Bad, bad Facebook

Government regulators are sharing some alarming information about Facebook: They believe the online social network has often misled its more than 800 million users about the sanctity of their personal information.

The unflattering portrait of Facebook's privacy practices emerged Tuesday in a Federal Trade Commission complaint alleging that Facebook exposed details about users' lives without getting legally required consent. In some cases, the FTC charged, Facebook allowed potentially sensitive details to be passed along to advertisers and software developers prowling for customers.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Your new employer will not only ask for your qualifications, they want your Facebook account and password as well

Could employers demand your Facebook password as part of a job application?

One American was shocked to find a section in an application form that demanded not only his user names - but also passwords that would give his employers full access to his account, including private messages to other people.

Employers using Google - or 'people search' engines such as 123People - has become a standard part of job applications, and employers also check Facebook.

But asking for passwords that allow access to private communications is a worrying new precedent.