Sunday, December 11, 2011

After playing game on Facebook, father killed his two children

ANGRY father Jane Say pleaded guilty at the old Bailey on 8th December, 2011 to murdering daughter Regina eight, and son Rolls, 10. The retired concierge and part-time football steward originally from Ivory Coast West Africa, spoke only to enter a formal guilty plea.

Say slit his children’s throats while they slept and then rang his ex-wife saying “I’ve killed your children” she dialled 999 sending police and paramedics racing to the property. He then called her again saying “come and get their bodies” in broken English.  

He accused her of calling him a "raper" and reporting "anything bad about my life." Both children had defensive wounds on their bodies indicating, they tried fighting off their father. Rolls also had ghastly antemortem injuries to his head, indicating they were inflicted while he was still alive. On getting to the scene, Detectives found Say sitting calmly beside the bodies of his children, who had been dead for several hours. Before the killings, those who saw Say described him as courteous and well-dressed, a loner, not very sociable and very secretive about his children but did not appear homicidal or depressed. 

A day before killing Regina and Rolls who were on one of their normal visits, Say had received an eviction notice  from his solicitors stating that as he was not living with his wife and children, he was no longer entitled to a three-bedroom  property. Hours before the tragedy, both Say and his estranged wife were on Facebook playing games.