Monday, January 30, 2012

You post negative comments on my Facebook, my friends and I will hack you with an axe

Northern Territory Police say a group of youths armed themselves with an axe, iron bar and knife to seek retribution for comments made on the social networking website Facebook.

Three people went to a caravan in Girraween in Darwin's rural area at about 3pm yesterday..

Police say they attacked a 19-year-old man.

The man suffered a cut to his arm but managed to fight off his attackers who ran off.


Husband wanted wife's Facebook friend dead

A paranoid Brisbane husband tried to hire a hit man to kill one of his wife's Facebook friends because he thought she was going to leave him and move to Sydney, a court has heard.

Silvanus Satya Naidu, 51, of Rocklea, pleaded guilty to attempting to procure the murder between October 28, 2010, and February 20 last year after the "hit man" was revealed to be a police covert operator, the Courier Mail reports.

The Brisbane Supreme Court heard Naidu had become jealous after his wife of 28 years began communicating by Facebook and telephone with an old university friend, James Asher Kumar.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

How not to destroy your professional reputation on Facebook

Today our lives tell a story — a story that’s often played out IRL (In Real Life) and on the wall — our Facebook wall.

Because our Facebook friends are often a combination of personal and professional, our Facebook posts toe a tricky line. The story we tell is critical to our brand. Take a stroll through your wall posts and pictures (your last 10 should be sufficient) and read the story you’ve been telling. Do your pictures tell a story of intellect or reveal that you’re a serial party girl?

To make sure your professional brand stays intact, and your wall doesn’t come crumbling down, here are The Gracious Girl’s three Facebook Ps: Pictures, Posts and Privacy.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Smoking is better than Facebook, so is sex

Facebook addict Lim said her life now revolves around the social networking website.

Lim, who is in her 50s, admitted to a psychologist that she no longer had normal conversations with her family as most of her free time was spent in front of the computer.

She said she was addicted to Facebook games “Farmville” and “Baking Life” and would plan her daily activities around the website.

Lim said she would start her virtual “crop planting” or “baking” in the morning before work to make sure that it was completed in time for her to resume the game during lunch break.

“I have not had a good night's sleep in a long time as I can't log off until the wee hours of the morning,” she said.

Another addict, who wanted to be known only as Satish, said he logged on to Facebook every half hour.

“If I can't go on Facebook for some reason, I feel uneasy and can't concentrate on my work,” said the 30-year-old engineer.

His addiction became worse after he bought a smartphone - The Star

If you just murdered somebody, don't boast about it on Facebook

Police investigating three murders arrested 43 feuding New York gang members on Thursday based on evidence collected from monitoring what the gang members were saying about the cases on Twitter and Facebook, authorities said.

The 25 accused members of the Wave Gang and 18 accused members of rival Hoodstarz have been terrorizing streets in Brooklyn with shootouts that led to the killing of three people and wounding of several others, New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

The gang members, ages 15 to 21, bragged about the shootings on the social media sites Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, he said.

"By linking their postings and boastings to active cases and other crimes, these officers were able to build their case," Kelly said.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said authorities will next be going after gangs in other Brooklyn neighborhoods.


Holy coconut! Now they even have Facebook nightclub

With upwards of 800 million users, the driving spirit of Facebook is that it's a safe place for strangers to get to know each other and share their lives online. Now an ambitious party promoter in South America has taken that ethos to the highest level of interactivity—with an actual Facebook nightclub.

The Facebook-branded club was spotted a few weeks ago by a Brazilian blogger who posted a photo of the new club and openly questioned its legality. The story was soon picked up by The Guardian, which managed to interview the would-be real world Facebook club owner, Humbert Eduardo Camacho.

"The Facebook concept is about sharing ideas, adventures, friendships, parties and photos with your friends… what we wanted to do was to build a nightclub with this concept, where people could come and share things with their friends, spend a cool night, sharing pictures, experiences and have fun," Camacho said.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Elton John's husband is a Madonna hater

David Furnish is a civil partner of Elton John - in simple language, his husband

More reasons to delete your Facebook account

Feeling down about your life? One quick way to cheer yourself up may be to delete your Facebook account.

New research indicates that the more people use the hugely popular social networking website, the more they will believe that others are much happier.

The study by Utah Valley University found that the carefully-chosen pictures of smiling, cheerful faces which Facebook users tend to plaster over their pages cumulatively convey a debilitating message to others.

Sociologists Hui-Tzu Grace Chou and Nicholas Edge interviewed 425 undergraduate students about their happiness and that of their friends.


After allowing for gender, religiosity and whether people were single or attached, the study found that 'the more hours people spent on Facebook, the stronger was their agreement that others were happier'.

This was particularly true of Facebook users who stockpiled 'friends' they did not actually know.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Don't add Ozzie as your Facebook friend, he or she will bully you

AUSTRALIA rates number one in the world for bullying on social networks like Facebook, according to a global poll.

While Australia ranked fifth for cyber-bullying overall, nine out of ten parents said when the harassment occurred it was on these types of sites – much higher than the global average of six in 10.

The Ipsos Social Research Institute survey of 24 countries ranked Australia worse for bullying than all of the European countries, along with the US, Britain and China.


If you're looking for a job, don't post your nude pic on Facebook

In a twist on the exploding use of online social media, employers in the Bay Area and nationwide are poring over the websites to weed out job applicants whose posts reveal that they use foul language, take drugs, associate with gangs or have other questionable characteristics. Some employers are even demanding that job candidates disclose their social network user names and passwords.

"We have seen pictures of people driving a vehicle with a beer in their hand and that's posted," said Max Drucker, CEO of Social Intelligence of Santa Barbara, which helps screen the sites for employers in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. "We found a picture of a person wearing a T-shirt with flagrantly racist remarks."

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hi Facebook, I am now officially dead

A new Facebook app gives users the chance for one last message after they pass away - sending a final video or text message as a wall posting.

The free app, 'If I Die', asks the question, 'What will you leave behind?' 

Its makers suggest that you could share a life story - or even a secret you have never shared before, which might come as something as a surprise to the 130 or so friends average people have on Facebook.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Facebook now a great place to find a kidney

Here's another reason for holdouts to join the social media site Facebook: It's a great place to find a kidney.

Between the kid photos and reminiscences about high school, more and more pleas for help from people with failing kidneys are popping up. Facebook and other social media sites are quickly becoming a go-to place to find a generous person with a kidney to spare, according to the people asking for help and some national organizations that facilitate matches.

Damon Brown found a kidney on Facebook after telling his story on a special page the Seattle dad created under the name, "Damon Kidney." His friends and family forwarded the link to everyone they knew and on Jan. 3 a woman his wife has known for years, but not someone they consider a close family friend, will be giving him a kidney.

"She said it wasn't really for me. It was for my kids, because they deserve to have a dad around," said Brown, 38.

Brown's story is not unique, said April Paschke, a spokeswoman for the United Network for Organ Sharing, a private nonprofit organization that manages the nation's organ transplant system for the federal government.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Facebook friends are now gay "husband and wife"

Having found each other on Facebook and dated for three years, 27-year-old Thongchai Rattanakaew wed his 30-year-old florist boyfriend Chumwit Sudsai in front of their parents and 200 guests in Trang's Huay Yot district yesterday.

Chumwit's mother, Jinda Sudsai, said she had known her son was homosexual since he was young, but she had never criticised him because he was a good person and didn't cause any problems to society. She also encouraged him to join beauty contests, eventually leading to his victory in the Miss Krabi Fairies 2011 title, she said. She gave her blessing and consent to his wedding because it made him happy, and because society was now more open to same-sex marriage.

Jinda said her family sought no money or assets from the "groom" - as she described Thongchai; the families speak of Chumwit as the "bride" - beyond the gold-and-diamond wedding ring, because love and understanding were more important than money.

She said she planned to open a restaurant for her son-in-law to run because he cooked very well.

Chumwit said he initially added Thongchai - who had served as a private at Chon Buri's Sattahip Navy Base - as a Facebook friend because they were fellow southerners. Impressed by Thongchai's simple, down-to-earth nature, Chumwit said the pair had been "boyfriend and girlfriend" for three years. After Thongchai came to help him at his flower shop, Chumwit proposed and Thongchai said yes.

Chumwit said they planned to continue running the flower shop, while Chumwit also taught traditional Thai dancing as a sideline - The Nation Thailand

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If you are an avid Facebook user, there is a 30% chance you will be a divorcee soon

Have you ever been caught flirting on Facebook with someone besides your significant other? Apparently you're not alone.

A new survey conducted by U.K. divorce Web site Divorce-Online found that married couples are increasingly being driven apart by transgressions that occurred on the popular social media site. So much so that 33 percent of divorce petitions in 2011 contained references to Facebook, according to the survey.

Moreover, the amount of Facebook-related divorces ratcheted up in recent years–substantially, according to the survey. In 2009, the last time the survey was conducted, Facebook was mentioned in just 20 percent of divorce petitions. In both cases, 5,000 divorce petitions were queried by researchers.

If you want to kill someone, advertise it on the Facebook

A woman who admitted soliciting a killer for her baby's father through Facebook will not face prison after pleading guilty Tuesday.

London Eley, 19, of Philadelphia, admitted to offering $1,000 for the murder of Corey White, 22, who was shot dead hours after she appeared in court along with an accused hire.

Eley was found guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit murder but with her plea she escapes a possible 10 to 20 year sentence following trial that begins in March.