Friday, January 20, 2012

Holy coconut! Now they even have Facebook nightclub

With upwards of 800 million users, the driving spirit of Facebook is that it's a safe place for strangers to get to know each other and share their lives online. Now an ambitious party promoter in South America has taken that ethos to the highest level of interactivity—with an actual Facebook nightclub.

The Facebook-branded club was spotted a few weeks ago by a Brazilian blogger who posted a photo of the new club and openly questioned its legality. The story was soon picked up by The Guardian, which managed to interview the would-be real world Facebook club owner, Humbert Eduardo Camacho.

"The Facebook concept is about sharing ideas, adventures, friendships, parties and photos with your friends… what we wanted to do was to build a nightclub with this concept, where people could come and share things with their friends, spend a cool night, sharing pictures, experiences and have fun," Camacho said.