Sunday, February 12, 2012

If you're a fugitive, don't post your whereabout on the Facebook

A Sicilian drug dealer who fled to the UK has been extradited after he gave himself away by posting photos of London locations on Facebook.

The snaps included one of Madame Tussauds, where Michele Grasso posed with a model of Barack Obama.

Grasso vanished from his home town, Taormina, in 2010 as police sought to arrest him for drug dealing. But he was untraceable and mockingly said on Facebook that his address was Alcatraz.

He used the site to let friends know he was having a wonderful time. In 2010, he posted photos of himself building a snowman under the title "Fantastic!" and wrote: "Have you seen how beautiful it is here with the snow?".

That prompted one friend to write: "Why don't you let me know where you are? Is it in case you get caught?"

Grasso then posted photos under the title "Christmas in London", followed by snaps of trips to the Ministry of Sound nightclub, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Oxford Circus.

He also posted photos of himself with his arm around a woman, titled "My 24th birthday (in London)".