Monday, March 12, 2012

Another day, another Facebook scam

Facebook scammers are once again trying to pique your curiosity with claims of a video showing a roller coaster accident in California. This is a scam and no such video exists.

This version says something like “Rollercoaster Accident in California!” or “HORRIFIC Roller Coaster Accident! In Universal Studios..” or “OMG! Theme Park accident in Alton Towers United Kingdom Rollercoaster Accident in United Kingdom Check this @:” or “HORRIFIC! - Summertime Theme Park Australia” or “OMG! - Theme Park accident in Universal Studios Hollywood” followed by a fraudulent link. It also has a juicy description: “This IS CRAZY has just been leaked!” or “Watch this horrific video now..” or “ACCIDENT! - 89% Cant Watch It Rollercoaster Accident in Australia” or “Rollercoaster Accident in California.”

The link takes you to what appears to be a video embedded on what looks like a Facebook webpage. Both are fake.