Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Facebook is bad for LRT

Seeing a picture of a Light Rail Transit (LRT) derailed off its tracks with one of its coaches dangling in mid-air on their Facebook newsfeed would probably alarm any netizen in the country.

As if to personify the growing sense of netizen mobilisation in Malaysia, calls were made to the Fire and Rescue Department to rush to the site of this '"mishap", while Prasarana Sdn Bhd, who operated the RapidKL LRT that was depicted in the picture, were immediately contacted by various media organisations who were eager to find out what had happened.

But the problem with the whole rush was that no fact-checking was done.

The incident actually occurred in October 2006, when an empty Star-LRT train overshot its last stop barrier at the Sentul Timur LRT station, which left around 10 metres of the 64m, six-coach train, to dangle in the air, 25m from the ground level.