Thursday, March 22, 2012

Will you add your boss on Facebook?

That awkward moment when you see a friend request from your boss on your Facebook notifications, what do you do?

According to a recent survey conducted by online job portal, JobsCentral, two in three respondents do not have their bosses among their list of friends on any of the social media they use.

However, for the younger ones, the likelihood of adding their boss to their friend list is higher. 36.5 per cent of employees below the age of 30 said that they are friends with their bosses on social networking sites, as compared to 31.5 per cent of those aged between 31 and 40, and 25 per cent of those aged between 41 and 50.

"Younger workers seem more likely to blur the line between work and personal relationships and have fewer qualms about adding their bosses to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, they need to consider if they really want their bosses to make judgements about them that may negatively impact their career. There have been cases of employee termination due to inappropriate content on their social network profiles," says Michelle Lim, COO of JobsCentral Group.

"As a general rule, be careful what you post online, because in addition to current managers being able to see what you have been up to in your personal life, recruiters routinely check out social media to gain a holistic view of a candidate," Lim adds.

A total of 2,281 respondents took this survey, with 81.1 per cent of these saying they have at least one social networking profile - AsiaOne