Friday, April 13, 2012

If you are broke, hack your mayor's Facebook

An unidentified person hacked the Facebook account of Yogyakarta Mayor Herry Zudianto on Thursday and tried to use it to ask for money from a chat friend.

A staff member at the municipal administration’s public relation division, Ismawati Retno, said the breach was uncovered following a text message sent to her by her friend, Donny Surya Megananda.

“He told me that his friend, Fajar Suryagama, had chatted with someone using Pak Herry’s account this morning, asking him to wire Rp 8 million to the bank account of someone named Suwandi,” Ismawati said.

The person said the money was to pay for a BlackBerry unit, and told Fajar that the money would be transferred back to him later that day, she added.

Sensing awkwardness, Fajar promised the person he would transfer the money later. The person stopped chatting but left the account online.

“From the language used and the chatting content, it’s apparent that the account was hacked,” Isma said.

Herry Zudianto said that he realized that his account might have been compromised after receiving a report from the community.

“I tried to go online to my Facebook account this morning but failed. I didn’t realize that it was being hacked,” he said.

Herry called on the people to be careful.

“It was fortunate that Mas Fajar realized the incident and nothing bad happened,” he said - Jakarta Post