Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If you cut me from your Facebook account, I will report to Teacher Angkhana

Authorities yesterday sought to allay concerns about the misuse of technology after a video clip of a schoolboy venting anger over being "blocked" from a group's Facebook page spread like wildfire on the Internet.

In the clip, the boy is heard threatening, "If you don't bring me back to the 1/9 group, Teacher Angkhana [Sabangban] will definitely find out about this."

The boy posted the clip himself. His classmate posted another clip as a rejoinder, raising concerns that new technology could prove detrimental to children's relationships.

This concern is getting stronger especially since the government is about to hand out tablets to all firstgrade students.

Education Minister Suchart Tadathamrongvej, meanwhile, has suggested that teachers and parents keep a close eye on how children use these devices.

Chinnapat Bhumirat, secretarygeneral of Office of Basic Education Commission, has voiced confidence the tablets would become useful tools for learning and not be misused.

"The use of the tablets will be under strict supervision of teachers," he explained.

Meanwhile, Angkhana, who teaches at Krathumbang Wises Samutkhun School, said she had already helped resolve the dispute.

"This quarrel has been going on since January, but now the students already understand each other," she said.

She explained that her name was mentioned in the first clip because she had always told her students to come to her every time they had a problem.

The widely circulated video clips have also spawned brand new phrase: "Teacher Angkhana will definitely find out about this".