Thursday, June 28, 2012

Singaporean housewife Facebook pic ended up on a porn site

Housewife Jules Rahim was shocked when a friend tipped her off that her photo was featured on a pornographic website.

That was not the only unauthorised use of the picture of her in a bikini, which she had posted on her Facebook account three years ago.

Another friend told her that the photo had also popped up on a dating site called It was accompanied by a caption which listed a telephone number to call and how much it cost to chat.

"It's embarrassing," said the mother of four children, aged one to 10. "People I know may think wrongly of me."

Rahim, 32, has filed two police reports - one about the porn site and the other about the dating site.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Facebook ko'ed burglar team

A Brooklyn cop helped take down a prolific burglary crew by friending its members on Facebook and monitoring their status updates for boasts about upcoming heists.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Daughter bullied on Facebook. Mother choked the bully

A Florida mom arrested for choking a 14-year-old boy says she was just fighting back against her daughter's Facebook bully.

Debbie Piscitella was shopping with her daughter at a mall in St. Petersburg last week when the 13-year-old girl spotted a boy who had been writing nasty things about her online.

The 46-year-old mom confronted the boy, grabbing his backpack and choking him in an incident that was caught on tape by a mall security camera, according to the Tampa Bay Times.