Sunday, October 14, 2012

Don't use your Facebook nick to vandalize cars

A thief who scrawled his nickname on a car he had vandalised was snared after police matched it to his Facebook profile.

Anthony Merrick, 18, daubed ‘Keeko’ on the back windscreen of one of 10 cars he attacked in a campaign of theft.

But it came back to haunt him – after detectives accessed his Facebook account and saw a picture of him posing above the nickname.

Merrick, who caused more than £2,500 of damage, is now serving an 18-week sentence behind bars.


Even if you hate cops, don't post their pics on Facebook

A North Texas woman has been charged with retaliation for allegedly posting an undercover police officer's photo on Facebook and identifying him by his job.

Mesquite police arrested Melissa Walthall, 30, for allegedly posting the photo of the officer, who authorities say recently testified in a drug case against her friend. Her Facebook post identified the person as an undercover officer, according to a federal affidavit.